What is it?

Pickant is a dashboard where you can easily gather and display your digital content, WHATEVER it is!
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Create your personal profile NOW for free and get acces to an unlimited storage capacity.

Create a specific area for a specific field of research and share it with your friends.

Sort all your content by theme, type or time.

WHY Pickant?

Because we were tired of not being able to retrieve our researches! We are a team of user-research designers, so a major part of our work is to search for information in order to understand users and issues.
All day long we are gathering information from the web: articles, videos, documents... And the only place you can save this content is in your browser\'s favorites. The problem comes when you are trying to access previous content: nothing can differentiate one favorite from another.
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Your dashboard is the place where all your content is displayed in a dedicated and structured personal place. We wanted to create a more intuitive way to see the content we are interested in.
For this we used the facebook way to display a link : a big image and a title. Just as simple as that: this is the most intuitive way to remember a content.
Dashboard Screen from Pickant

Add some content

Pickant allows you to gather many kinds of data while you are doing research: URLs, videos, text documents... You can now compile, sort and regroup all the various data types in one simple and intuitive dashboard.
Just copy your content into the form, add the title you want and validate it in order to see your content displayed on your dashboard.
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